Welcome to She-Pack Beauty

Hi everyone, my name is Abi and I want to give you a little insight into me and how #shepackbeauty came to be.

Ever since I can remember, beauty has been a passion of mine, dancing round in sparkly dresses, with smudge blue eyeshadow and misplaced red lippie age 5! (hay it was the early 90’s) it made me feel beautiful, princess-like and happy. That feeling grew as I got older and discovered the right way to do make up and dived into the world of beauty. From the age of 14 I knew this is what I wanted to do! But dreams don’t always work out as planned do they? I won’t bore you (that’s for another blog post) but let’s say a lot of mountains and challenges got thrown my way. Beauty then became my hobby, my escape, my war paint and strength! The feelings I felt as a little girl were still there but it became so much more to me. And it made my desire even more so, I knew there was a reason and calling but i couldn’t at the time work it out.

So I went on to work within the banking industry, I actually made a very successful career for myself, coming from where I did I thought at one point my life, had broken the mould of which i was born into… But sadly that mould ended up suffocating my life and in the end suffocated it to near death. I spent many years comfortably numb, I’m sure many of you will relate to that. Not being happy but accepting that your life is what it is and robotically going about your day to day. Every time I would look in a mirror I would physically see parts of me disappear. ( I mean if it had been the extra pounds then i wouldn’t have minded so much). When I say disappear, I mean me, my character, this fun loving care free soul. The woman who just wanted to be loved, who had so much love to give but was never enough! The pain became who I was, it attracted more pain and heartache time after time.

Then one day I’d finally decided enough was enough! The covid-19 lockdown offered me reflection time, like everyone it offered me perspective, and in the pandemic and uncertain world we now live in, why the hell am i wasting time! I get one life and I want to do what I want to do, no regrets! I had recently escaped a narcissistic relationship, the moment it ended I felt like I had just breathed air for the first time. Imagine being underwater, holding your breath, the surface looks miles away and you think you’re not going to make it, and that first gulp of air when you break the water, that’s what breaking free felt like.

I started therapy, manifesting and reading self help books. Things began to slot into place, don’t get me wrong life will always be bumpy but it’s how you deal with those bumps i have since learnt, that stop them from controlling your life.
My journey is only just beginning and I am doing things I never thought I would ever do. I mean creating social media content, putting my face on online for all to see, ring lights and blogs, really? Me? Who the hell do I think I am? Lol. If you had said that’s what i would be doing even 2 years ago, well i think that would have actually pissed myself from laughing, hay im a mum and my bladder control is, well, bad! But seriously I would have laughed at the sheer stupidity that would actually happen. My friend ‘Annie’ – Annie anxiety would have had a field day!
My mental health issues have stemmed from childhood trauma, and I only discovered this, the root, triggers and the actual issues in my 30’s. Discovering you have suffered the way you have all your life, and then actually learning you could have solved it earlier is painful. All that time I watched myself fade away, allowing myself to feel comfortably numb by the hands of others, could have been avoided. But you know what, I’m glad for my journey because I wouldn’t be here now, doing FINALLY what i want to do! I have learnt to wear my pain, my scars and imperfections because without them I wouldn’t be me, but I am no longer defined by them. I have rebuilt myself, invented a stronger, wiser, more driven version of me! Yes I’m not perfect and I certainly still have hang ups but so does everyone!
So my healing is well underway, everything I have come across in life has led to this point, it has equipped me to do this and offer so much more than beauty. It enabled me to learn the links between, both the negatives but also the positives between beauty and mental health, self care and self worth. That calling and the reason I couldn’t work out suddenly hit me in the face like a brick wall!
It was to do what I love but also to be that person to help someone work on their self love, develop self care and maintain it, to give them the strength and confidence to fight/tackle whatever battle they were facing. Armed with knowledge and experience that delves deeper than just industry treatments, products and practical skill.
And she-pack beauty was born, officially est in 2022! I operate from a beauty room at home offering a range of treatments including facials, nails, and luxury treatments. I am continuing to expand my skills to offer as much as I can. I pride myself on 1:1 service and always will even though I have big plans. I would love for you to come on my journey with me. I hope to help by sharing my story, even if it reaches just 1 person, and helps them in some way, it’s done its job. Along with my story, I’ll have hints and tips from the industry, product reviews and so much more. I’m open to messages from anyone who may have a question about how I’ve done it, where to get help or just for advice. So please follow me and my journey, join me and together us Alpha females will rock the fucking world!