Sometimes we have to beauty and the beast

So I often get asked about the name @shepack, why did you choose that? Does it have a meaning? And the answer is yes. But It’s nothing to do with fanny bags, i have 2, they are great if you don’t own 1 get 1, Literally amazing on the right occasion! In fact nothing to do with noonies at all, but Wolves!

Why wolves? Well I love them! No, I do not have lots of wolf figurines around my house, infact i dont have 1, But I do have a wolf tattoo! For me they symbolise so much! Clever, beautiful creatures that stand strong together and alone. Hopefully you have read my first blog post so my tattoo means ‘ feed me to the wolves and i’ll return leader of the pack’ fitting do you not think?

the world we live in has created a generation of ‘alpha females’ when you hear that phase alpha females… what comes into your mind? What does she look like? What does she wear? Where does she live? What job does she have? So take a sec and picture her, ok have you got an image?

I bet most of you have the following in mind … a beautiful, flawless woman. A society perfect figure, power suit with killer heels, airbrushed make-up, perfectly placed hair and teeth as white as snow. Self made and rich, highly successful with everything she touches turning to gold. A grey/white or beige home with pamma grass decor that some how never attracts dust, i mean mrs hinch i salute you because i can spend hours cleaning and still my house looks like a bombs hit it! Has the freedom to come and go as she pleases, men fall at her feet and is a ball buster! Am I right? Well if i am, i am about to call BULLSHIT!

Alpha females come in all different forms, so buckle up, because my inner david attenborough is being let loose…

So let’s look at a wolf pack… where do leaders normally stand? At the front of the pack? NO, they are at the back bringing up the rear. The weak and vulnerable lead and set the pace, followed by the physically strongest of the pack, then the semi self sufficient, backed up by the alpha. The alpha is at the back making sure no one is left behind, with a full view of their pack.

I know, you’re thinking WTF this is a beauty/ women’s empowerment blog what is she talking about .. bear with me lol.
Think of you and your family, your pack, where do you stand? Where are you when you’re all leaving the house in the morning for the dreaded school run? Day to day who is the last one to eat a hot meal? Drink a hot cuppa? Get dressed? shower ? get new clothes? Go out for a night out? even brush their hair… you get my point, it’s us! Mums! We are the alpha’s, the leaders …

You see our cubs (babies/toddlers) are the centre of our life, they set the pace because we do everything for them, our husbands/partners then second because let’s face it they normally are big babies and the fact that everything has to be done for them. But mostly are the physical strongest / protectors of the family. Then comes the adolescents, mainly

because they are slow and nothing is more important than their mobile which blinds them from a sense of urgency, but they are semi self sufficient. Then there is us at the back, picking up after them all, hurrying them up, feeding them, plaiting hair, brushing teeth and wiping back sides. We lead our pack from the back, mums are alphas simple!

The female wolf is clever and courageous. I read that a female wolf will protect her mate at all costs. And when her mate is confronted by another male, she will place herself between them and cower under her mate’s jaw covering his throat. She does this, as she knows that male wolves will not attack a female, so she protects the most vulnerable part (the jugular) of her mate to aid him from being hurt. Sound familiar? I know a slight grey area, we know some men will attack women but remember we are on our values here, not that of idiots!

We do this both for our partners and our children. I mean if someone came at by boys, christ id have a baseball bat ready! And my daughter well… id be Marcus and Mike (bad boys) at the front door all rolled into one on her first date!

So the lone wolf. This could be anyone one of us, its not necessarily just those of us without children. The non mums of the world may not be that perfect alpha image we described, but still an alpha in their own right, by the way they handle and value themselves.

I’m a mum and have my pack, but I consider myself a lone wolf at the same time. Here’s why…

Like us women, the female wolf is strong and courageous, fearless, guarded and completely misunderstood. She puts the pack and loyalty before all, as we’ve discovered but knows her worth and will protect her energy. As in humans, wolves’ personalities are influenced by their upbringing and environment. You see, those of us that feel like a lone wolf, are women typically that come from a place of struggle or trauma, those of us who have fallen and had to fight their way back endless amounts of times, they have developed resilience, strength and a unique power ( let’s face it that’s 99.9% of us) you no longer tolerate shit. Stand your ground and cut off those who start to dim your light even just a fraction? No longer give your energy to those who can not match it? We have been let down time after time, never enough, and got fed up, got up and finally said NO, NO MORE!

Have you been subject to heartache, abuse, that has led to anxiety or a decline in your mental health? still going and pushing forward? Handling your shit daily, even if sometimes you feel overwhelmed and hopeless, then you my dear you are still no less an alpha than you are when you’re on a level playing field. Remember in those times when all seems hopeless you are the strongest version of you! To be in that mind space and still push through, that’s real strength.

So you see we are all Alphas females.

She- pack beauty was born from my own personal journey of the above! I’ve created a safe haven for all. A non judgemental and encouraging environment that empowers women and adds to their light. Alpha females do not tear other women down ( and do not tolerate those that do) they help to build them up, and help straighten their crown when it slips. I’m very much aware that some beauty settings can be intimidating for some … not she pack! You

want to come to your appointment make-up free, messy bun and joggers.. Girl, I’m right with you! We should all rock the ‘hot mess’ look from time to time. But remember we are all beautiful regardless!
My mission is to provide quality beauty treatments whilst building a community that can help, guide and support each other in as many aspects as possible. A network of alpha’s that are individually powerful .. imagine the force when stood united.

Love A x